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The Various Immigration Issues That Exists Globally

The challenges of migration exist globally in every state.It Involves the movement of residents from their country to a foreign country. Reasons for these movements of people from their homeland to foreign countries are many. These movements may be as a result of conflicts or escaping from prosecutions and fear of attack among other things.Others may opt to move willingly in search of better way of life. Although moving may be important, it can be an origin of various problems. Immigration can be seen as an act of courage when looking it from a different perspective. Immigration can both be advantageous and disadvantageous to the host country and the origin country. Mostly, the receiving countries are affluent, established and well industrialized. For this reason, they receive the high number of immigrants.

Some of the ways they benefit from having immigrants are as stated below. Immigrants can work in sectors where the country’s citizen cannot work.In Turn, this will generate revenue for the host country. Likewise, immigrants work more hours with lower pay than citizens would request thus an advantage to the country economy.

When made to feel at home in the host country, these immigrants can add value to the society as they bring different cultures which bring about cohesion and understanding.These will create greater bonds between the two countries which are involved.Immigrants from a country with better education base can bring great talents which if natured will improve the host country’s economy.

However, there are also adverse effects of this immigration especially to the host country. If not appropriately managed several challenges can arise from immigration.

There may be a high level of insecurity brought about by the incoming of people from a different country and culture. This may be as a result of having a high number of people not working and emerging crime.

If not appropriately managed, diseases may be spread by immigrants. For the immigrants from an epidemic area, they are authenticated and allowed to a country by testing for diseases to avoid spreading. Therefore, countries should have checkpoints where people can be examined.

Immigration affects the demography of both countries where one increases and the other one reduces. This may pose an economic danger to both countries in various ways.Also population increase can lead to an emergence of refugee camps that may bring negative environmental effects.

There may be brain drain as a result of moving to other countries. The search for better places to work can make people move to foreign countries leaving theirs less of talents which can be a danger to the economy.

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